Generating Positive URL’S

By Kelly Hamby

Make your link/URL become a positive contributer towards your work.

On a previous blog I had wrote about posting links.  That post flashed in my head while I was driving back from Arizona and the first thing that came to my thought was, How do you get the link’s?  So I will tell you what I know.

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When we go to post a link we must have our link in order to do that. If you are promoting for a merchant or a company you may be given a specific link that relates back to a designated product or service.  You want to get familiar with the various offers available in the Affiliate Programs. If the link is not given to you it will then have be generated. Remember that by now you should be able to add tracking to the url (so you can track results based on different posting sites, or posting locations) – and you should be able to create a Template.

You should have a solid template for posting your referral link.  Disguise your affiliate links so they don’t look spammy.  This is important. Cloaking or masking links is the process of taking a link and placing it in a redirect link with a different URL. For example, say you’re link looks like this:

What you can do is take this link and place it in a html or php file, and create a 301 redirect. So you can create a link that maybe looks like this:

When you click on the link above, it’ll take you to the redirect page that uses your actual link above.

A cloaked or masked link looks like an internal link, but (almost always) redirects to an external link.

Hide your affiliate links from visitors.

The thing about affiliate links is that they’re long and ugly. They almost look spammy. Would you be overly excited clicking on a link that looks like:

Scary, right?

Disguising your link will help with that. Instead of having an URL like the one above, you can create something much cleaner such as: http//

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