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By Kelly Hamby

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Cannabis products is one of the fastest growing most profitable on line shopping opportunities (starting right now.). A Affiliate program is a referral based Marketing strategy also known as Revenue Savings. It is the trending current Marketing technique making it possible for related people to share sales information plus increase their savings.

A business owner attaches a merchant affiliate program to their website or app. Web masters sign up under affiliate program. Some of you may remember from a previous post, this is where the link posting comes in. The web master post and promotes links pointing back to the merchants web site.

When consumers follow the link to the merchants web site the web master earns a cost/commission percentage from the completed sale or by action taken.

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There are several different methods to promote a link as well as several places to post your link. You can use your own web site, advertise by Social Media, Google, Yelp and many other unique choices. Check out Affiliate Marketing page for resources and affiliate links. Also You can receive help and resources available on line and don’t leave out Promoting outside of the web.

It is first important to learn all that you can about the program and its products.  In order to achieve success as an affiliate marketer, you must make every effort to position yourself as a trustworthy, industry expert so that people feel confident and assured when reaching sales pages via your in-content links.

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List of Affiliate Programs for  a great start:



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