Keep Pushing

By Kelly  Hamby

When you feel that you have failed in some way or haven’t met your goals how does it make you react? Are you the type to hang back and accept failure, or feel worse and do nothing? Many people would react that way at least for a while until they are able to recover their self-confidence.

Then their is the warrior or wild side of us that would get mad and fight harder to overcome whatever it is. Maybe with swearing or kicking something while we  overcome whatever it is with a vengeance. In either case it is probably a good idea to kick back for minute or more then look what happened and why things happened the way they did. At least 40 % of the time it is nothing we did or had control over – it Is ‘just the way it is’.

So then we must go on to accept that (for a minute) in order to get past our fits, our angry temper, or the situation it’s self. Here are a few things to remember if you or when you find your self in this situation. Feeling bad, like a loser, or blaming yourself (even if you did it) does absolutely nothing to help. It doesn’t change anything and it definitely doesn’t help you get your life spinning back in a positive direction. In fact it has the opposite effect of sending you further back down.

Most things I believe have the equal opportunity for good and for bad to exist, maybe not for you but it is there. Consider an accident the driver has a job, or how about a fight. One person loses the other wins. Good and bad. It is up to each of us to notice and recognize the good even more so when it is not there for us.

It is important to analyze exactly what happened, where when and why. This is only so that you may formulate a better plan next time that has all the good points you had going and terminates the mistakes if possible. Believe it or not this can work for everything from your home business, your day job, your family relationships, and even to your health.

There is a lot of be said about ‘turning over a new leaf’ no matter what the frame of reference. There will more than likely always be a tomorrow and that represents an opportunity to start over and do better. You might consider it a silly analogy but visualize when you get a cut or break a bone how well we heal when taken care of the right way vs the wrong way and room for infection.Our bad thoughts are like a germ that wants to spread all over.

So bottom line is ‘never say die’ and never give up. Never. Use your common sense or logic to get your head straight and then do something that involves making a better decision. You would be surprised how the result is better too. By the same token if you keep making the same mistake, you will keep having the wrong result. You just need to remember that we get through the bad so that we can feel the good.


If your day is going bad, start it over. There is nothing that can make us have negative situations more than ourselves. We have the power to live past the bs and enjoy ourselves much more than we do. If we learned from our situations then help teach others they can too.


Don’t let bad moments grow in your head or life, like the germs in a cut that want to  spread all over.Take care of them the right way. It starts with us and that is the  time to keep on pushing. It is amazing the power we withhold from ourselves. For real look in yourself..


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No Deposit Bonus…what is it?

By Kelly Hamby

On line casinos give gamblers a way to play and wage on casino games through the Internet. The games vary some from that of  a walk in casino, with more of a advantage being on line casinos usually offer odds and payback percentages that are a bit higher than land based casinos. Often on line casino’s will  have several promotions or different coupon offers to entice you to enter their site.

Before I was familiar with the on line scene and gambling I thought t when I read “deposit bonus” that it meant I was going to receive a bonus to deposit. That was not the case, it meant you will receive a bonus but not until after you make a deposit. The only bonus that I have come across that gives you money or game money to start to play when you have a  zero balance is called a ” welcome bonus” and this is presented to new players with first time sign up or for those who  who complete the required registration.

More than not the time to register or sign up is under five minutes or pretty quick due to the fact their is little information to gather. Some of the casinos record the I.P address that you are using while others may go by account name , e-mail, or some other form of verification to limit one account to a person.

4222              Well with that I began my adventure for free casinos offering a welcome bonus. Surprised I located a few with fair dollar amounts on the bonus totals. Welcome bonuses range from free spins to $60.00 in free play cash. On the average $25.00 is the most common reward.

2I will list the casinos  I found that have a welcome bonus and no hassle sign up.  If you find a casino that you would like to add to the list please send us the information so that we may post it for others to see.


The games that are offered to players on line are comparable with the games at most walk in casinos.  They have table games like Blackjack, 21, War, Roulette, even poker. You can find slots from  $.02 up to $5.oo per pull with your choice of single line or up to 5 line play with a chance to double prize if won. Casinos offer different specials so it would be good to look under promotions or coupons and even check cashier for any available.

You can also find progressive slots and progressive jackpots, Keno is played 24-7 at seven out of ten places and players by demand have pushed most all on line casinos to have  Bingo, game after game after game with option to play multiple cards up to ten and some even more .





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Posting Links For Companies

By Kelly Hamby


Links come from companies that have product or service to share with potential consumers for them.

Business owner or merchant attaches a program to their website or app. Web masters sign up through what is called a Affiliate Program. The web master then promotes the link.

The links can be posted on the web masters own site or from a choice of several other options.

The links point back to the merchants web site. When  a consumer clicks on a link to make a purchase the web master earns a percentage of the sale, the merchant completes a sale with added interest of traffic value and consumers enjoy their purchase, often with specials or discounts to get them at the site.

It’s a win situation for everyone involved.

During my short time posting links I received payment based on three types of actions. Following I have listed the three types of actions. Please let me know if you have another method for payment that was received. I would love to add it to our list.

(1) CPA – Cost Per Action: Typically a cost/commission per sale when a credit card transaction has taken place or another form of payment for purchase was used.

(2) CPL – Cost Per Lead:  Typically a cost/commission per lead or when a prospect     completes a entry form/opt in form or when the web master, (now  affiliate)               directly  sends traffic to the merchants web site. In accordance with agreement
for payment.

(3) CPC – Cost Per Click:  When a visitor clicks on a link or completes an opt in form  the affiliate receives cost/commission per click. In accordance with agreement 1for  payment.

Residual income (also called passive, or recurring income) is income that continues to be generated after the initial effort has been expended. Building a residual income is a great way to reach financial freedom. You put in the hard work and continue to bring in a lifelong income.

Residual income when posting links is most often generated by previous work that was completed by action of; CPA, CPL, CPC or a final transaction of sale. A residual income stream will earn you money even when you’re not on the clock. Owning rental units, collecting royalties or investing in a savings and investment program are examples of such income outside of posting links. Payment is based off original amount of transaction or a percentage for the quality and volume contributed to previous work. Each program is different so it is important to have a complete understanding of payouts and the requirements to receive them.

Here are some suggestions that might be helpful for you:

  • Stay away from affiliate programs using pop up advertisement, spy ware or makes you install tool bars.
  • Make sure the company provides you with commission for sales that it offers before you sign up.
  • Ask if they track. If yes ask if it is on line only? Do they track phone, postal or fax?
  • Good affiliate programs will provide code and script.


A good open source web authoring/editor is GIMP

A good open source imaging program is KOMPOZER

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